Anne’s Story

Anne-2On the lead up to Christmas 2017, Anne and her husband Richard went on holiday to Iceland with friends, this was a place that Anne had wanted to visit for many years but never got around to it.

Anne broke up for Christmas from her work with Amway UK and prepared for what was to be unbeknown at the time her last Christmas. Anne decided we should have a big family day and as she always wanted a white Christmas, Anne purchased a snow machine, which was working as we all sat down for Christmas lunch at her son Steven’s house.

Anne-1After the festive celebration’s Anne returned back to work on Monday 8th January 2018, during this week she stayed away at Milton Keynes, which is where Amway’s head offices are located. Anne appeared normal to her work colleagues and friends although they did remark she was a little forgetful at times. Anne returned home on Thursday evening that week and Richard didn’t notice any change in her normal behaviour.

As the weekend progressed Richard noticed that Anne was getting very forgetful and this continued to worsen until Tuesday 16th, her son Steven insisted she went to A&E where she had a CT scan which revealed what they thought was a brain tumour, at this point there was no need for major concern as most brain tumours can be successfully treated.

Anne was transferred to Southampton hospital on Wednesday the 17th and on Thursday 18th Anne had an MRI scan, her husband Richard was spoken to by the Neuro-oncology surgeon and was informed that Anne had a Glioblastoma tumour and because of the location that it was situated they were unable to operate.


As the tumour was extremely aggressive they offered some form of treatment but this would have put Anne through a lot of suffering only to extend her life by weeks or just days. So the family made a joint decision that it would be kinder to Anne not to put her through the treatment as there was to be no successful outcome.

We hoped to get Anne back to her home so she could spend what little time she had close to her family, but unfortunately by the Saturday she became unconscious and that option was no longer available.

Anne was transferred to Salisbury Hospice on Monday 22nd January 2018 and was treated and looked after extremely well by the amazing staff there. Anne was put into a large room and a bed provided for Richard so he could stay by her side every night until the end.

Anne put up a terrific fight but unfortunately she lost her battle on 10th February 2018 just over 3 weeks from the initial symptoms.

As Salisbury Hospice and staff were so brilliant and caring both toward Anne and family, we as a family would like to repay them in some small way by fund raising to help keep the high standards and this amazing service available to others.

The Hospice is only 40% funded by NHS and the other 60% is funded by donations.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and help maintain this wonderful service.